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#13 "LAX2"

The chandelier “LAX2” (#13) is second in a series of chandeliers inspired by the glass tile mosaic murals seen in Los Angeles Airport arrivals terminals 3, 4 & 6. Designed by Janet Bennett for Charles Kratka at Pereira and Luckman in 1961, the murals represent the experience of flying from ocean to ocean, as expressed in color and lineal shapes.


One of Helen’s most ambitious undertakings to date, the LAX2 canopy contains more than 700 unique, color coordinated beads, with no repeats. The chandelier’s unique shape is achieved by staggering its eleven rings, giving it a mid-century modern silhouette, in keeping with the time period from which the murals were created.


Bead materials include: vintage art glass, vintage Western German and Italian lucite, Czech crystal, Swarovski art beads, Japanese Cherry brand beads, African recycled glass, as well as a sprinkling of semi-precious stones.

This chandelier is ideal for a split-level stairwell where it may be seen from both above and below. 


21.5” diameter x 24” tall

(height does not include loop & chain)

10 bulbs

Weight: 25 lbs.

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