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Finding Inspiration in Iconic LAX Murals


Helen Stickler's technique of using thousands of colored beads in juxtaposition is, essentially, mosaic. Out of many: one. 


The LAX series of chandeliers are inspired by the mid-century glass tile mosaic murals in Los Angeles Airport arrivals terminals

3, 4 & 6. Designed by Janet Bennett for Charles Kratka at Pereira and Luckman in 1961, the murals represent the experience of flying from ocean to ocean, as expressed in color and lineal shapes.


Building upon mid-century frames and silhouettes, Helen selects from her entire bead library for these pieces. LAX1 and the canopy of LAX2 utilize more than 700 unique beads for each, with no repeats. 

Helen explains: "I always feel welcomed by the murals when I run across them in LAX. They are iconic, and I wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite works of art."


Helen Stickler at the Fresno Art Museum

Helen Stickler is honored to have her chandelier, "Purple Crown," and jewelry available for sale in the Fresno Art Museum.

Adapting her collage-style chandelier designs to fine jewelry, the limited edition necklaces are selected from the best of Helen's bead collection of semiprecious stones, glass, vintage new old stock lucite, and other rare materials.


Both primitive and luxurious, the necklaces evoke ancient talismans in

a modern statement piece.


Helen also releases her jewelry through pop-up sales and by commission. Subscribe to the mailing list  to stay informed about the next sale.  

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